The Black Dahlia Case and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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I loved the Black Dahlia reading! The way it was written made it really interesting and intriguing to read. When the Sergeant was introduced (“Sergeant Finis Arthur Brown of the Homicide Division, who was going to live with this ugly thing for months and years…”) I was reminded of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’s “Rebecka case:”

          I can't forget it. It's my Rebecka Case.
          Every policeman has at least one
          unsolved case. Back then it was old
          Torstensson. Year after year he kept
          returning to one - taking out the
          files - uselessly studying them.

I also thought it was crazy how they started out with twenty investigators, which is already a ton, and ended with over fifty! And when it described how during three work day periods, they wouldn’t even have time to change their shirts. I loved the tiny clues showing just how busy they were with such an open-ended case.
The time stamps towards the end were also really cool, showing just where the victim was at what time and showing how long certain things took, leading up to her “capture” (of course we don’t know if it started out as a capture) and murder. It adds a sort of suspense to the plot.

3 thoughts on “The Black Dahlia Case and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

  1. Gloriana Smith

    That was a good connection you made and I think it fits perfectly. When I read it I thought of the show The First 48. The show follows real cops trying to solve murders. It says that if the cops don’t get a major clue or trail to follow during the first 48 hours after a body has been found then chances of catching the murderer get cut by 50%.

  2. Katie Koth

    I loved the time stamps too! It made you feel like you were actually investigating this case too, because you were able to keep track of everything that was going on. I love the comparison you made. Great post!!!

  3. Seth Dorman

    I think you brought up some interesting points. I agree that the way it was written really made it seem like it was going on right now with the three day work periods and they couldnt even change their shirts.

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