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I love the ending of Execution! Those last two sentences were pretty clever, and in a kind of way was asking if killing Malloy was worth it. The electric chair has always reminded be of Stephen King’s The Green Mile (I haven’t finished it, don’t ruin it for me!!) Also them going through all those things to kill Malloy was eerily similar to Rasputin. Wizardry! thegreenmileI liked this one better than More and Better Psychopaths, but I think the latter brings up better class discussion points. Such as, the difference between a criminal and a psychopath. And is there even a such thing as a “criminal” while they are all classified as “psychopaths?” I thought it was interesting when he said that he thought they weren’t psychopaths they were only criminals, like with the example including the cop. The cop sees only a criminal and has no heart towards them and just shoots the guy. I don’ t see why they can’t be both, but we still punish them according to what their crime constitutes that they deserve.

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  1. Gloriana Smith

    Malloy reminded me of Rasputin too! I couldn’t remember what it exactly took to kill him so I looked it up and it said that he was poisoned at first. When that didn’t work he was shot but he manged to get away and then he was shot again, beaten with clubs, and then finally thrown into a river.

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