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Peace Out True Crime

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This was one of my favourite classes because I loved how close knit we all became. The videos were really fun to do, but I think someone different should be assigned to edit every time because it was a lot of work to do every time. Also…some of those beginning readings were extremely dry. I think next time more time should be spent on organized crime – also I was upset we didn’t have time for Monster (ps you should watch Snow on Tha Bluff) because I love that kind of stuff. The student led discussions were really interesting and helpful but I think there should be more prep time to be able to do that – there was a lot going on all at once and it’s hard for group members to find a time that works for all of them.

Finally I Can Talk About Snoop Dogg

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I figured I’d start this post off with a beautiful photo. Nice jumpsuit.
snoop-dogg-bandanaFor those of you that didn’t know that Snoop himself was a Crip also, there you are. Here┬áis a lovely website where Snoop talks about how great gang life is in Cali. The man is actually insane, I’m pretty sure. Anyways, I love books like these (except for the part where it’s written like my mom’s sophomore students’ narrative essays – ps i love the use of “overstand”) but the story is nicely eye-opening for people who live sheltered lives who ignore all of this kind of stuff happening in the real world. Monster’s life is very depressing, and makes it even more depressing that he thinks this is how life just is and he thinks it’s so normal – almost like Henry in Goodfellas. He didn’t like “normal” life and he missed crime and screwing around. It is also like Goodfellas in that it follows his life from the very beginning of the crime through where he is now. I noticed the similarities while watching the movie and thought it was great how we looked at these things to close together. Two different sides of the country, two very different lives of crime, but still crime nevertheless.

Good Fellas and Wise Guys

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I was glad to finally have an excuse to watch this movie; my dad’s been telling me to watch it for years and I always kept the DVD in my room and just never got around to it. When I started watching, I was mostly just excited to see most of the Sopranos characters in it, it felt like every two seconds a new Soprano character showed up and I’m pretty sure I squealed every time. Anyway, organized crime like this is my favourite to watch and read about. They’re so classy compared to the robbers and rapists and murderers we’ve learned about previously. There’s such a large group of them and they’re almost untouchable due to payoffs and I guess just organization. I always do find it ironic how they seem so classy and think of themselves this way, but they always end up muling and slinging drugs and cheating on their wives and their whole lives just end up ending terribly (most of the time – cough, the Godfather). I am intrigued by the impact of family – both each individual’s family and their entire Family. I suppose that’s usually just the Italian and the Catholicism, but even Karen was the same way. I loved watching Henry’s character grow and learn and go from everything to nothing. The end was a nice touch, how he described that he didn’t regret the crime and he actually missed it compared to the boring life he had in witness protection.

Here are some gifs. I tried to make the one of Jimmie kicking Billy but it was too fuzzy and I couldn’t fix it no matter what video I used