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Crime and media

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I will be the first to admit that I was not so thrilled to have to watch a twenty minute video, until I saw the little red TED in the corner. I now have even more faith in this class because ted talks are some of my favourite things to ever exist ever. (PSA: my blogging may not end up being super formal, I’m used to Tumblr blogging…so not real blogging.) Anyway, I was sucked into the video from the beginning, but what really got me thinking was when he said something along the lines of how we think violence has increased just because media coverage has increased. I don’t really know why I think that’s so interesting, but think about it! Imagine if we had no TVs, we would be shocked at the smallest amount of violence and crime. We could hear that the cashier at the 7/11 down the street was robbed at gunpoint and think it was the most terrible thing anyone could do to another human being. We are completely desensitized to violence, drugs, guns, etc. due to films, books, and full coverage from the news.

Also, I specifically loved the quote from the interview, “…something worth celebrating: the human ability to take something rooted in our intrinsically bloodthirsty nature and turn it into craft of a very high order, sometimes even into art.”

On a totally different subject, organized crime, any Sopranos fans here? The Godfather? Anything? I don’t want to be alone in this c’mon guys